Pinecast changelog
Pinecast changelog

Automatic episode transcription




We're really excited to announce the availability of automatic episode transcription for all paid customers. Automatic episode transcription creates a transcript of your episodes using artificial intelligence.

Transcripts are disabled by default, and can be enabled by visiting the Settings > Transcripts tab on your podcast dashboard.

We're also pleased to announce that we're currently transcribing the most recent episode for all eligible podcasts, free of charge. On your podcast episode list, you'll see a "Transcribed" label for episodes that are transcribed. We expect transcription to complete within 24 hours of this announcement.

For full documentation, please see the Transcripts article on our knowledge base.

Transcripts can be viewed on the episode dashboard under the Transcript tab.

The Transcript tab on the episode dashboard

If an episode hasn't been transcribed yet, the Transcript tab will show options for kicking off transcription or purchasing transcript credits.

Transcripts are visible to your listeners in a number of places. Most episode players and the podcast playlist player include transcripts as captions while playing:

The episode player showing captions

Transcripts are also visible on Pinecast podcast websites:


If you're using a Pinecast podcast website, transcribed episodes will show a Transcript dropdown below the player on the episode page.

If you've already customized your podcast website, we won't have changed your site's design. You will need to add the new Transcript module by visiting the site builder, switching to the Layout view, choosing the Episode Pages tab, and adding one of the Transcript modules.

The Pinecast site builder showing the transcript modules that are available.

All Starter customers receive four hours of free transcription every thirty days (in a rolling thirty day window). Customers subscribed to the Growth add-on can transcribe up to eight hours of content. If you'd like to transcribe more content than is included in your paid plan, transcription credits can be purchased at a rate of $0.03/minute.

At any point, you can trigger the transcription of any episode if you have remaining minutes of transcription included with your plan or if you have transcript credits available that you've purchased.

Please send any questions, comments, and feedback to our customer support chat, or by emailing