Pinecast changelog
Pinecast changelog

Analytics no longer include subscribers




Due to Apple's April 2021 update, we're no longer able to measure podcast subscribers.

Podcast subscribers are measured by counting the number of unique devices that access a podcast feed in a 24 hour window. In April, Apple began rolling out an update which centralized feed downloads to Apple's servers: instead of each Apple Podcasts app requesting a feed, only a single copy was fetched by Apple's server (and subsequently distributed to all devices). This change essentially eliminated our ability to measure subscribers inclusive of Apple Podcasts.

While we did identify ways to preserve this feature for some podcasts, we were regrettably unable to scale this to work with podcasts of all sizes. We have made the decision to remove the "Subscribers" and "Subscriber Locations" analytics charts (and aggregate counts) from podcast dashboards, as these no longer return accurate information.

We're disappointed by Apple's decision to do this, as it is another step towards centralization and corporatization of the podcast ecosystem.