Pinecast changelog
Pinecast changelog

Audio uploader improvements




Uploading audio and images is one of the most fundamental parts of creating and managing a podcast. To help improve this core part of Pinecast, we've invested time in making our uploader more robust in the case of different kinds of failures.

First, we've improved our error messaging. We'll now note errors which are likely caused by ad blockers or other browser extensions [0]. You'll also see errors formatted more sensibly throughout the dashboard.

Second, we've adjusted some of the wording in the UI to help eliminate confusion:

  1. When we do not find episode artwork embedded in your audio, we'll prompt you to add artwork or "Do not add episode artwork". Previously, we'd prompt to "Use podcast artwork," which was confusing to some folks who did not want to add any artwork. This change makes our copy consistent with what's actually happening: if you choose to use podcast artwork, we're not setting artwork under the hood (your show will fall back on podcast artwork by default).
  2. When we're expecting you to add artwork or metadata, we now show clearer messaging. Previously, it was sometimes unclear why audio might not be saving and the questions about artwork or metadata seemed optional or unrelated.

Lastly, we've fixed a number of small bugs. Notably, a long-standing bug where clearing audio or artwork while on the "add metadata" or "add artwork" steps would cause a crash has been resolved.

[0] We encourage you to disable you ad blocker on Pinecast. We do not use marketing tools or tracking software, and we'll never advertise or sell your data to advertisers. Ad blockers frequently interfere with our dashboards, as many podcasting concepts seem "advertising-y".