Pinecast changelog
Pinecast changelog

Embeddable Playlist Player





We've put the finishing touches on the first version of our most-requested feature to date: an embeddable playlist player! Here's a live preview:

You'll find the new player under the Player tab on your podcast dashboard. You can configure the height and colors (primary, secondary, and accent).

Unlike our episode-level embeddable player, you'll also find that we allow all customers to use our playlist player. If you're not on our Starter plan, you can use the playlist player with our logo and up to five of your episodes. With our Starter plan, our logo goes away and the episode limit increases to 100 episodes. Our Growth Add-on eliminates the restrictions.

We've taken time to make sure that the player works well on a variety of screen sizes, and did our best to ensure that it should be compatible with most screen readers.

If you're a Starter plan customer, you'll also notice that the UI features a slimmed-down short link UI:

A view of the links to podcast apps within the player

You'll also notice that the player UI features:

  • Current and remaining time codes
  • A download button (for Starter customers)
  • Volume controls
  • A speed control

This is the first iteration of many, and we hope that you'll give us feedback so that we can improve it in the future!