Pinecast changelog
Pinecast changelog

Tip jar changes




We've made some changes to our tip jar functionality.

Previously, "one-time" tips were donations. Now, they grant one month of access to private content, in the same way as someone subscribing for one month and cancelling before the first recurring charge. We hope that this change will make tipping more appealing for your listeners.

Additionally, we've increased the maximum tip to $150 (and equivalents in non-USD currencies). This means that you can collect more from your show.

This does come with some new constraints. The tip jar is now only available to customers with paid subscriptions. Also, Growth subscribers who set a minimum amount for access to private episodes will eliminate lower tiers (previously these tiers would simply be donations).

In the coming months, we hope to launch some entirely new functionality to help you monetize your show in brand new ways. Stay tuned!