Pinecast changelog
Pinecast changelog

UI improvements




We've launched a myriad of tiny improvements to the UI, and wanted to call them out.

  • The New Episode page is cleaned up, with the draft and auto-save features being moved into cleaner banners.
  • Text boxes with links, like the URL of your podcast website or short link, all now have a button to open the link in a new tab and a button to copy the link to your clipboard.
  • The Distribution tab on podcast dashboards has been simplified, containing fewer visual elements. It should be easier to scan.
  • Lots of UI text has been updated to be easier to understand.
  • Lots of small typos have been cleaned up. Thanks to everyone who wrote in! If you ever notice a typo, please don't hesitate to let us know.
  • If you've loaded a page with the rich text editor, other pages that display rich text content (like the Episode dashboard) will load faster, and vise versa.
  • The My Subscription page now loads more quickly, having to fetch less information on load.
  • The tip jar settings' status items have appropriate rounded corners.
  • Settings pages, like the Feedback settings page, now load more quickly. Parts of the page that don't need to be reloaded do not reload.
  • If you no longer have the Starter plan or Growth add-on, the Listener Feedback tab will still show comments that were left before you downgraded.
  • The tip jar dashboard homepage has been updated to look more like the rest of Pinecast. There's now one fewer click required to sign in.

We've also made some changes to the tip jar dashboard (that is, the one your paid subscribers access). While the old design had one page for each podcast, the new design breaks information out into pages for payment info, listening to episodes, leaving feedback, and subscription receipts.